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No place is boring if you have had a good night's sleep and great people to share that first cup of coffee with.

Private Bedrooms

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Soulrooms is furnished

Our rooms are big enough to accommodate you and all the space we know you need.


Affordable fully furnished Rooms For Rent
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It's funny how a few pieces of wood, fabric, porcelain, glass, and steel can turn a house into a home.

Common Cleaning Supplies

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Soulrooms clean rooms.

Ensuring that you have more time to argue about what's for dinner with your new flatmates. 


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The lights at SoulRooms are switched on till you decide to turn them off. You've got the power!

High-Speed Internet

Co-living Toronto
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Rent a room Toronto

When you don't pay for oxygen, why should you be expected to pay for the next best thing?

What is the catch? Why are fully-furnished spacious rooms in premium locations more affordable?

Simply put, the rental market in downtown Toronto is selling expensive cakes. We at SoulRooms have recognized that a substantial number of people in Toronto neither have the appetite nor the money to afford what's on offer. Think of our all-inclusive, co-living facilities as pocket-friendly slices made available for rent instead of the entire cake. 

All we have done is added some chocolate sauce and thrown in some nuts with a cherry on top to make your rental experience affordable, convenient, and communal.

If you are the kind who is willing to share common spaces such as the living room and kitchen with some great like-minded individuals, there is no catch in this affordable rental solution!

Make room for SAVINGS with SoulRooms!



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